Reiman István

International Mathematical Olympiad 1959-2004

The famed International Mathmatical Olympiad has been challenging students worldwide for over 40 years. The first competition was held in Romania in 1959 with seven countries participating. It has since expanded to attract competitors from over 80 countries, representing all five continents. This book features every question set to date, along with comprehensive solutions and multiple answers where applicable. Of interest to serioius mathematicians and enthusiasts alike, István Reiman’s compilation of logic puzzles and questions will tease the intelect of all those with a mathamatical mind.

About the author: István Reiman has been leading Hungarian Olypiad delegation for some 30 years. Formerly Chair of Geometry at the Budapest University of Technology, in 2000 he received the Paul Erdős Award from the World Federation of Mathematics Competitions.


Reiman István: International Mathematical Olympiad 1959-2004 című e-könyve elérhető az Interkönyv oldalán a következő formátumokban: pdf.

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