Orosz István

The Extra Horn

“István Orosz is a well-known Hungarian artist, a really talented bloke.”

“That’s funny, because there are no pictures in this book at all. Only one of a rhinoceros on the cover. Tell me that’s one of his, at least.”

“Nope. That’s a woodcut by Albrecht Dürer.”

“So, it’s a sort of zoology book.”

“It says ‘short stories’ on the cover.”

“Then maybe it’s a collection of personal stories or confessions. The rhinoceros is the author himself; art is his real horn and literature his extra horn, like in the title.”

István Orosz is a multifaceted, internationally recognised visual artist. His work abounds in references to art history, imitations, playful self-reflections, optical illusions, geometrical paradoxes and anamorphic images. His short stories stem from the same penchant for riddles, self-masking and experimentation.

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