Bóc István

Seven B Go Sleuthing

The children at the Zebra Street school come from all kinds of backgrounds. Their parents include a police officer, a banker and a mafioso; a wily lawyer working for the criminal underworld also sends his rather dim-witted son there. And then there’s Juli, of course, less than aptly christened ‘Cruella’ by her friends and enemies alike. Juli and her classmates certainly have an interesting time of it! As Tibor Kaján’s lively illustrations also show, when they’re not getting tangled up in various kinds of robberies, they’re foiling the plans of the drug dealers hanging around their school. In the end, thanks to the class pulling together, they gain the upper hand over the criminals. Each of these twenty-six snappy stories is rounded off with a logic problem, giving readers’ brains a uniquely refreshing work-out.

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